how to educate cafe owners ?


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Jul 16, 2004
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qwe123a said:
As a businessperson you have to make money. So, let's see, would a superior location with poor coffee make it? the answer is yes, of course. In fact it will likely be a success. How about a bad location with great coffee? probably will not fair well. so location trumps product....

The reality is that a perception of quality is much more difficult to achieve than actual quality. Actual quality is pretty easy to achieve. Pump enough money into good beans and equipment and you will get yourself quality. But as a business you know that spending a great deal of money without a return is not the most efficient way of making a living.

This means that the goal of any business is to create the perception of quality without the cost of quality.
This is very true. However, they don't have to be mutually exclusive. Why not have a good location and good coffee? I would think the easiest way to create the perception of quality is to have quality in the first place. The money and time spent on creating a quality perception of something that is less than genuinely good are so much more than just have good coffee.

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