How To Make A Carmel Frappaccino


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Nov 26, 2004
I was wondering how you would make a carmel frappaccino? I love the ones that starbucks serves, but to pricy for me. Do any of you have any recepies I could use to make them like starbucks? Is there any thing I need to buy to make them? Thanks for your help.


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God, I love being the ONLY one to post out of over 300.

What I would do is:

USE GHIRADELLI White Frappe' powder, follow instructions on the cantainer, and add carmel sause ( GHIRADELLI is best IMHO) blend per instructions and ...................................................................................................SMILE

If you don't have a CASH and Carry or Smart and Final around your town, I'll send you mentioned powder and carmel sause ( my cost plus shipping from 98233)



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Jul 16, 2004
Hartford and New Haven, CT
How hard is your ice? How powerful is your blender? Ingredients aside, you need good equipment. For me at least, you need small ice cubes similar to those in food service establishments, ice cubes from freezer's ice tray that are big and hard will not do; and you need a powerful, at least 2 HP blender, blend per instructions for at least 30 seconds, if you can do that, you can out frap any Starbucks. For blender, I recommand Blendtec Smoother. It's very pricy for none commercial purpose, but you need a powerful blender to replicate a good blended drinks.


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Mar 6, 2005
hmmm.. you should try it all ghetto style.. get like folgers coffee crystals and okie.. i cant finish that.. i used to work at a barnes n noble n made frap mixes all the time but i dont really know what the liquid stuff was. i'm pretty sure one of the ingredients were some sort of coffee crystals? haha sorry not much help here


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Mar 30, 2005
Maynard, MA
You could probably get a fair approximation by blending ice, sweeten/condenced milk, caramel sauce, and double strength coffee. I am just trying to remember what is in the frappaccino mix. As I remember it is mostly sugar and milk concentrates and then we added double strength coffee.