How to remove/clean-up a melted gasket


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Aug 1, 2009
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I'm back with another odd question about my recently purchased Italian stovetop espresson maker.

I picked it up at a garage sale and went through the recommended process for cleaning it, including running a batch of water with some vinegar through it. It worked great ....

Except that the gasket was apparently old and it melted to the bottom section lid, to the top of the coffee filter removable portion, and the entire inside section of the top where the gasket sits. What a mess!

Anyway, I was able to pry out most of the gasket while it was still warm, although it left some behind. But I'm not certain how to go about safely removing the stuff that is stuck to the different sections. I know if I don't, they'll cause trouble when I try to use it again.

Has anyone run into this problem besides me? How did they go about getting rid of the gasket material from the maker sections?

Thank you very much.
Its a common problem with gaskets that have been sitting in Group heads of espresso machines for...years! Normally technicians use a rubber mallet and a screwdriver. For a stovetop it should be easier. Soaking the bialatti in hot water for a few hours should be enough to get it off. Finding a replacement might not be as easy, depending on make and age.

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