How to Sell my Home Roasted Coffee


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Aug 22, 2016
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Hello all,

I have been roasting coffee in my apartment using an air popper and giving samples to friends. I am looking to make coffee roasting a part of my life in any way shape or form. I'm ready to dive in, but not sure of the next steps.

My goal (as far as equipment upgrades) is to save up money for the Hottop Home Roaster and then save again and get a machine in the 6k-8k price range. Also, moving into a house or "Shed" space - Something other than an apartment where I can solely focus on roasting.

I am working on a website right now and I am going to have an Instagram page for my roasting business very soon. I realize that starting small is not desirable, but I'm not worried about making a profit or anything at this point. I just want to build an online presence, presence in my community, build a brand for myself, Roast and serve coffee to as many people as possible. Perhaps when I get enough buzz going a kickstarter in the future may prove beneficial.

I have looked up the legal laws concerning roasting and serving in Oregon and I can't seem to find much. The website that I found had two lists. One list where you needed a license to serve etc. and another list where it was not necessary - Coffee was on this second list. It almost seems like it is perfectly fine to do so without jumping though a bunch of hoops. I'm not entirely positive about this and want to saty out of trouble.

Can somebody tell me (or help link me to the proper site) what I can legally do in the state of Oregon? If I can't sell it, can I give out samples? Can I accept donations? Can I roast from home and sell online?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Here is the information I have found on the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture website:

On that page it states "Selling the following, in individual-sized portions for immediate consumption only (not wholesale)" is OK
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Ok, so I am doing more research and keep coming up with the same information. Selling coffee does not need a license, but can only be sold in individual portions for immediate consumption. What does wholesale mean? Obviously, on a large scale, but what is considered a "large" scale?

I think I found the answers.

-Sales are limited to $20,000 a year.

-You must keep annual sales records for at least three years including the type of food produced.

-All of your sales must be in-person.

This only seems to apply to food, but...

"This product is homemade and is not prepared in an inspected food establishment."
You will need to contact your local health department that inspect food establishments. In Missouri, I can roast onsite at a farmers market, but I can not roast at home. My local health department does not even require a license to do so. However, if i want to brew and serve coffee I would need one and be inspected..... some people have been successful in getting a certified kitchen in parts of their home, but that will require to meet codes and what not.

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