I am a Espresso Newb... plz help


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Dec 26, 2003
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I am going to get a job at an internet cafe. I don't want to look like fool so I was wondering if you guys could give me some step by step instructions how to do make espresso drinks or a good website that will show me. I do networks... I love coffee... I just have zero experience in the espresso industry. :D
Do they know that you are not experienced? If they do....I would not try and self teach yourself....Each shop has its own little ways of doing things...just go in eager to learn! Oh and have fun!! Congratualtaions....I have been in the biz for a wee bit over 14 years...started as a Barista and for the last 11 years I have been a Coffee roaster. I can not imagine being in any other job!!!!
Hey There:

There's nothing like a little OJT (on the job training). Be up front with your prospective employer. If you don't have experience, tell them. This way you may have an opportunity to train under the experienced personnel while at the same time earn an income. When we interview inexperienced or people with limited experience looking to become baristas, we work with them especially if they show the desire. If that person can function in our enviroment then they are invited to work (for pay) under a probationary period. If they work out then we continue their training and bring them aboard. I've always found the best way is to learn OJT.

That's my two cents. :lol: