I Am New To Coffee (Very New)


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Mar 9, 2010
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Hello, :)

I am very new to the world of coffee and I have tried it a few times but I cannot find myself to like the taste of it. I mainly have had it only from gas stations so that may be why. Does anyone have any tips or techniques they found helped them will easing into the world of coffee so it is enjoyable? :(

I really would like to be able to enjoy coffee, so any help would be appreciated.

Also what flavor coffee do you find to be the best?


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Sep 19, 2008
New Zealand
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hi Adam, many people love the smell of coffee but not the coffee drink itself so you are not alone there. Its interesting that you wish to begin liking it too !
I might suggest you find a good local cafe, not your average brew-in-a-flask sit-all-day style cafe, but an establishment where coffee is really a passion.
Ask for a single shot Cappucino and take it with a little sugar (or to taste). A single shot taken with plenty of rich frothy milk is just about the easiest coffee you could drink.

Try going back a few times for exactly the same style of coffee. If this coffee is still not to your liking after several attempts, you may like to try the sweetened, tinned version that contains condensed milk. Try that fairly weak untill you get a taste for it.
Once you do, don't forget to throw the tin away and never, ever buy it again....... :p
You must go for the real thing after that.
All the best.