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Jun 19, 2005
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ok here is what i do:
pour some beans into a cup
add hot water
add milk

and it tastes like crap!

Im completely new to making coffee, think i should just buy a machine to do it!

Anyway please could you tell me how to make coffee the normal way!


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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If you’re really new to this, then

Get a coffee grinder, preferably a burr grinder but for now even a blade coffee grinder will work. Next go to Wal-mart and pick up a cheap coffee brewer.

Put your beans in the grinder and grind it down to small particles, slightly bigger then ground pepper but not as small as a grain of salt. Now put a paper filter that came with your coffee machine in the funnel add about 2/3rds of ground coffee for a 10 cup container. Put it in the machine and add water.

Now you have coffee. It may not be good and I left a ton of room for improvement. But at least its black and tastes ok.
I'm fairly sure I didn't see the word "filter" in the original description. Looks like you're making instant coffee. That is the most processed coffee with the least expensive coffee beans.

Buy an inexpensive drip brewer, some filters and some pre-ground coffee. Given where you're starting, you'll probably notice a huge improvement with Millstone (I'm going to get kicked for recommending that from the coffee snobs).

Follow the directions on the bag.

Enjoy your coffee.

Once you are comfortable with that, trade up. Or if you're ready to do more all at once, for example, if you know what you like to drink but don't know how to brew it, ask a question about what you like and how to copy it at home.


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Oct 28, 2004
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These gentlemen are giving you good advice and I second their recommendations. If there is a decent coffee house in your vicinity, go and buy some freshly roasted and ground coffee. Make it in the cheap coffee maker they have recommended. The improvement will knock your socks off.

I'd suggest that you hold off buying a grinder until you can get a decent burr grinder (Solis Maestro or better) or else you will spend extra money trading up and trading up.

You can get a press cheaply, and many people think they are very much the thing to use. But, at least in the beginning, the rather murky nature of the brew may bother you. My own suggestion would be a good dripper, although if you don't want to make the investment you could get a Chemex or Melitta manual dripper.

In any case, once you discover the taste of good beans, freshly ground and rightly brewed, you'll never look back.

Just don't let it become a religion....

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Jun 12, 2006
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Hi peacemf!

Kindly check our website below. We have several delicious coffee recipes you can try. You can also check out our 7 Ways of Brewing Coffee section so you know which type of equipment our machine you can use.


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Jul 5, 2007
New York City
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You need to experiment!

I know exactly what you mean. Making coffee is a pain, I usually just buy mine. But when I have to brew, I use Starbucks coffee. It is hard to get these guys wrong. The only thing you don''t want to do is make it too strong. I use a tablespoon per 8 ounces of water in my pot, and it comes out perfect! My friends think sometimes it''s too bold, but you can''t get too bold for me.