I know nothing about coffee, but can I get your help?


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Oct 11, 2014
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I have to state for the record I have never drank coffee in my life. When I was a kid I started drinking pop when I got up in the morning (and still do) and got hooked on it, so I figured I would be a coffee fiend if I ever started... so I never did.

That being said my wife has started drinking coffee and has really enjoyed it. She has a little coffee machine she uses and likes, but really goes off when she has great tasting coffee. I love to suprise her, and that is where you guys come in. I want to buy her a coffee roaster, grinder, and maker (as well as some beans) for Christmas. From what I have read on the internet I know this kind of thing (roasting coffee) can be cumbersome, but honestly my wife loves that kind of thing. Can anyone give me a good idea of what to get? (My price range is in the 100s of dollars, not the thousands)

As far as beans are concerned I would like to know what the most popular bean is. It may not be her favorite, but part of the fun of doing this for her is that she can get to figure out what her favorite is for herself. I think the most popular one would be a good place to start.
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Welcome to the Coffee Forums website. You will find a lot of useful information here.

It's great that you've looking for something special for your wife. The biggest problem that I see is that you appear to be overdoing it.

It sounds like you're trying to have her go from making her coffee in a little coffee machine to roasting and grinding her own coffee beans. That's a huge step.

Has she ever mentioned wanting to roast her own coffee? Are you sure that's what she wants??? Has she ever explored how it's done and how much trial and error is involved to get it right?

That's usually a step that comes after a person buys a decent coffee maker and grinder and learns how to enjoy various types of roasted coffee.

We've had a lot of discussions on this Forum regarding coffee makers, grinders, and even roasters for home use. We have a handy search feature that's at the top right corner of your screen. You can type in the topic that you're looking for, and you will be able to view some of the topic areas and discussions.

The Sweet Maria's website has a lot of useful information too. If you go here and scroll down the page, you can read all sorts of information about all sorts of coffee equipment for home use: Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting

Welcome! Just like Rose said, I would focus on brewing equipment and specialty coffee rather than taking the home roast approach at first. Home roasting is time consuming and can get expensive quite quickly especially when being done in small quantities.

In regards to brewing equipment, I'm a huge Chemex fan (Chemex | Chemex® Coffeemakers & Filters) or Aeropress (AeroPress® | AEROBIE® High Performance Sport Toys). There are a LOT of ways to brew coffee, but these are my favorite.

Specialty coffee can be found at many, many roasters around the country, so my suggestion would be to search locally first to cut on the shipping costs. Starting with Central/South American & African coffees are a safe way to start. If you want to get fancy and really enjoy a particular region, purchase particular Single Origin coffees, which are coffees that are straight from a single farm and not blended with other region's coffee.

Even though I own my own coffee company, I love Counter Culture Coffee's offerings, so it's a great place to start for high-quality, single-origins from various regions around the world. https://counterculturecoffee.com/store/coffee

Any other questions just holler!
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I would second the AeroPress for brewing equipment. By far the best way to drink coffee IMHO.

I have tried to nose around and ask her what kind of coffee is her favorite and apparently she really likes Carmel coffee. Is there a bean to add to that or is it something you add after the coffee is made? If the bean does not naturely taste that way, what bean would you suggest that would make the best tasting carmel coffee once you add whatever it is to get the carmel taste? Looking for whole unroasted beans. I am hoping this becomes a hobby of hers.

Thanks again for the info
I have tried to nose around and ask her what kind of coffee is her favorite and apparently she really likes Carmel coffee.

Did she say where she gets her caramel coffee? Does she make it at home now, or does she buy it in a cafe?

She can make plain coffee and add caramel syrup into it.

Do a Google search for caramel syrup for coffee, and you will see all sorts of options.

Here are a couple for you to look at:


Starbucks® Caramel Syrup | Starbucks® Store

I think that one great grinder - is a better present, and it's very important for coffee making to have a good one. My friends often says that the grinder should be even better than the coffee machine:coffee1:As for me I have bought all my coffee equipment on http://coffeehit.co.uk
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