I`m 48,, and coffee finally tastes good ? What happened ?


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Jul 3, 2006
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Hello Friends

Did i do something different,, don`t think so.

Did i get hit by lightning,, no.

Maybe the best things in life, are worth waitng for !!


I will need help though, i want the most out of my cup !

Your friend, lee
Brain researchers down in Texas put scanners on people during branded and blind taste tests. Interesting thing happened. Branded taste tests produced different neurochemical activity in the brain than blind. That means an idea - a thought - can change the physical experience.

For me, ever since I started drinking espresso straight up in 2002, Diet Coke tastes disgusting to me. New neural connections change the physical experience of Diet Coke.

It is quite likely that you started drinking something or believing something that is changing how you taste coffee. On top of that, you may actually be drinking better coffee.


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Apr 4, 2006
Austin, Tx
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sometimes it takes a while

Sometimes it just takes a while for your palate to mature as well. Certain foods and drinks have very "distinctive" flavors that it could take a long time to learn to enjoy. For me I always hated squash and hadn't even tried it since I was a teen-ager. More than a decade later I now love it...except for spagetti squash which is like eating snot with hair in it. Same thing goes for diuran....snot with lumps.