I need halp in the redesign of the espresso machine


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Sep 22, 2004
I am currently in the process of redesigning the espresso machine for home use, and I would like some feedback of things you would like to see improved. or things that you find bothersome.

What would you add?
What do you like what don't you like?
Would the pod system be any better if you had the option of using espresso grinds?
Would you like to see a better way to steam milk?

If you can think of anything els or have any suggestions at all it would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 8, 2004

Nice task to redesign the espresso machine, coming from both backgrounds leaning heavily towards the commercial end, I'll give you my 2 cents upon it as to how I'd be going about it.

1st and foremost, the group head needs to be fitted for a "commercial" portafilter, there is just something about how it's been engineered over the years so it's shape and volume is optimum for pouring a shot of espresso. 2nd is to continue with the commercial mode with the boiler and heating element. Since the home user is going to take 2-4 shots of espresso at once and it's good for the day, making a latte, steaming and occassionally the hot water spicot for tea, both of these can dramatically be scaled back, lighting up the load and capacity carried by the electronics, boiler requirments, and the heating elements.

Along the use, there should be an on/off button for the power, and an on off button for the pour ignore the rest, they are doing nothing more then complicating a simple process.

With the water/waste system. It should have 2 lines, preferably fed into supplied tanks to take care of the water feed and waste, thus eliminating the bothersom pour over, drain system currently standard in home models.

Having those features taken care of, we gotta pump the water into it. Any inexpensive fish tank pump will do the job if you are able to shoot the water into it through a one way valve when there is no pressure into it and the air displaced has a place to go through another, but will leave it to the egg heads to engineer.

So..... we have a combination of commercial components making commercial shots of espresso yet the back end is scaled dramatically back to keep it quite affordable for the home user who will be happy to make the perfect latte at home just he's got to pace what he's able to produce for a party of a few people that are espresso maniacs.

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