I need help in redesigning the espresso machine


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Sep 22, 2004
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I am currently in the process of redesigning the espresso machine for home use, and I would like some feedback of things you would like to see improved. or things that you find bothersome.

What would you add?
What do you like what don't you like?
Would the pod system be any better if you had the option of using espresso grinds?
Would you like to see a better way to steam milk?

If you can think of anything els or have any suggestions at all it would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 18, 2004
Saskatoon, SK
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The ultimate:

-dual boilers (steam and brew) or heat exchanger such as the isomac tea
-not a superautomatic
-brew boiler temperature control (you should be able to adjust the temp incrementally within +/- 10 of 200F)
-no pods
-auto on timer: turns the machine on to warm up at a set time (ie 6.00am if you wake up at 6.30)
-no stupid froth aid device. use the same thing commercial machines use.
-big drip tray
-all surfaces need to be easy to clean, with no cracks where coffee debris can collect.
-oversized knobs and buttons to operate the machine without fiddling when you are in a hurry.
-hot water tap to make tea, etc.. should be able to position the steam wand and water tap over the drip tray to wash out the portafilter