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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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The swift grinder is nice but over kill. A new Mazzer Super Jolly runs around $500 - $800 on the net. The few seconds you save with an autoginder/tamper in my mind doesn't warrant spending an additional $3,000.

As for used, most of the La Marzocco's you see on Ebay are most likely an old Starbucks machine. There maybe some life left in them but they all have seen their day.

Speaking only from a service techs point of view. Most used machines on ebay will need some type of work, if not a lot of work. Plus you really don't know how well the machine has been treated and unlike a car there is no Carfax report you can check on.

It is not bad to buy used equipment, especially if can purchase it from a dealer or service center who can certify the machine has been rebuilt to the manufactures recommendations.