i need some help please

Chris J

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Jun 28, 2007
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iv got a problem and i was wondering if anyone could help me out. i just started at this coffee shop thats not doing so hot and iv been put in charge of trying to turn it around and start making some money. iv been a barista for a few years now and i was trained at a very nice and successful coffee shop so i like to think i know what im doing at least a little bit...but anyways yeah i need help coming with some ideas to bring in customers and keep them coming back.
I think doing a SWOT analysis would be the first step. In the broadcasting business, we do it for our clients before they place any advertising. It gives them a realistic look at their business. I would examine those points before taking any action. Once you correct/improve what you need to, a good PR event/marketing plan could go a long way to helping out. Its money out of pocket, but to change your image you would need to do something that reaches a broad audience. BTW, SWOT: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats.

A little more information might help us to help you with your specific problems. Without that, any advice becomes a shotgun approach to running a succesful coffee business.


Do you roast the coffee you sell
Do you sell machines and roasted coffee
Do you do non-coffee drinks
Do you do food
Where are you located
Do you have competitors
Are you busier on some days than others
Do you have customer feedback cards
Do you do specials
Why do you think it's not doing so well

I could keep adding to the list of things it would be nice to know.....so if you could help us help you?

P.S. The swot analysis is also a very valid thing to do