I tinker too much(homemade vietnamese drip)


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Jan 19, 2010
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Last night I had a dream, I was sitting under a tarp, camping, and drinking coffee I made with a vietnamese drip machine(I had looked them up not long before going to bed). When I woke up, I immediately decided to set to making one. It didn't look all that complex, just some sheet metal with lots of tiny holes in it and a bolt/screw. So I found a suitably sized can and suitably sized piece of sheet metal and started punching holes. I didn't quite get all the holes evenly spaced/sized, but it looked "good enough". I found a bolt and fittings(originally from an old bed, I think, they were still clean, no oil or rust) and punched the holes for them. Ugly, but very functional. Just the perfect size to sit atop my current mug.

I just now brewed a cup of coffee on it, not vietnamese coffee, just plain coffee with a little cinnamon added. It was the best cup of coffee I've ever had anywhere. Strong and rich(moreso than drip), but smoother and finishing cleaner than drip as well. Same actual coffee I've been using the past few days(some ancient maxwell house I found in a cupboard, I had to get rid of it somehow and drinking it's less wasteful than throwing it out), same water, same amount of cinnamon, so I know it's the maker that's the cause of the taste change. That it actually made that crap taste better, it's convincing enough for me that it's a good little rig. Tomorrow I'm going to run out and grab some actually good coffee and see how that goes!

If my laptop's webcam(my only camera) wasn't busted, I'd take some pics of my setup. I'm going to have to make a coffee cup out of the same size can(with insulation) for cool-factor.

I think I've just taken one step closer to my holy grail, the perfect cup of coffee. :)