Ice Cold Coffee Blend

I’ve noticed a lot of roasters are making cold brew blends that are obviously not cold brew beans, but meant to be great when making cold brew. While I love cold brew, the huge side effects I get from it have lead me to not make it or drink it anymore. With that in mind, do any of you make an ice cold coffee blend that is blended to best suit ice coffee? I do use and espresso machine and I love to use Peru, Mexican or Sumatra for the chocolate flavor and Kenya AA or Ethiopian coffee for the bright fruit flavor. So, if anyone has an ice coffee blend for a reasonable price, please let me know.
As a roaster I am wondering what would be done to make cold brew roast!?!??!!!? As an extraction it is not at all astringent. I only use beans I am not really thrilled with for cold brew because I find the coffee it makes lacks depth and almost all of the origin notes disappear. It is probably a way to capitalize on the new trendy cold brew and I would likely not trust a roastery that would offer such a thing.

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