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Aug 14, 2003
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This is so cool( literally) We just bought this and it works like a charm!!! No watered down iced coffee here!!
There is no image on my end. Having sweltering heat here in NC has prompted me to rethink iced coffee for customers. I had been simply pouring hot brew over ice and knew I had to find something better. Thought about various methods but went with the cheapest/most effective. I simply chill any leftover brew overnight and it is good to go for the next few days. If I get a surplus built up I simply put it on sale to use it up. People like something good and cheap. Later!
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Hey Shadow...why don't you make toddy? You can buy a toddy maker or just use a french concentrate+syrup+milk= coffee cooler :wink:
Would there be any benefit to doing that compared to using chilled drip coffee like I already am? Once it is chilled it seems more concentrated and less acidic and customers really like it. Some like chocolate sauce/milk mixed with it to be sort of like chilled hot chocolate.

I personally could care less for cold coffee, but whatever sells is what I must do. Later!
The least expensive way is to make brewed coffee and then chill it.
At the cafe where I'm working this summer, we can't keep up with the demand for iced coffee.

I put the hot coffee into a container and refrigerate it overnight, but the next morning, it's sold in no time. So, during the day, I make the brewed coffee and put it into a container, and let it sit on the counter to cool down before putting it into the refrigerator. I have one in the refrigerator and one sitting out cooling down. Sometimes, it's so hard to keep up with the demand that the coffee is barely cool enough to avoid melting the ice cubes when I pour it into the cups.

The iced coffee is priced 25 cents more than the hot coffee. Plus a lot of people are buying iced coffee with shots of caramel or vanilla in it. I personally don't like iced coffee, but it's nice to see it be such a hot item this summer.

Like Rose, I am selling tons of iced coffee. Two years ago I sold more iced tea than iced coffee, but the last two years it's more iced coffee. To cool down faster, I brew into a stainless pot that is placed in a ice bath, by the time I finished brewing, it's already in room temperature; I use a lot of ice though.
There are some positive points to making toddy as topher said.

Toddy makers generate a very low acid coffee due to the slower does affect the flavor in a positive manner, and I have had people mention that it doesn't seem to bother their stomach as much.

Also - many proponents of toddy makers say that the flavor is deeper and richer than using a hot water brew method.

Just my $.02

I love it! We had one of those, but it expired at the age of two. It honestly never occured to me to use coffee in there instead of water!

Not sure how practical this idea would actually be, but why not freeze espresso, so when you're making an iced coffee drink you can add a frozen espresso shot or two. Its something I do at home but, like I said, I'm not sure how practical that would be somewhere outside my own kitchen.