In Seek of Advice: Best Chocolate Flavored Capuccino/Coffee


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May 18, 2007
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Much to my dismay, I recently purchased a pod coffee brewer which has been discontinued and stopped making the pods that fit this brand (Gourmet Coffee Cafe). I bought it without knowing this on a whim over at
I bought it because it has a foamer and can make capuccino and espresso, so I thought I could find some great flavors that are chocolately. I am an avid \"coffee similar to hot cocoa\" drinker and I would really, really like the opinions of some really hardcore experienced coffee drinkers.

So my questions are:

Which pods are your favorites?
Which pod has a coffee/cappucino that is most similar to hot cocoa or chocolate?
Which chocolate flavored coffee/cappucino is your fav, pod or not?

Thanks to all! I appreciate your help!