India Green Coffee


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Feb 16, 2007
Clemmons, NC
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I have a friend from India that brought me some coffee they call green coffee, it is 53% coffee and the rest is chicory. Has any one ever had that. I would like your thoughts about what you think of this coffee. Also are most coffee beans in India robusta, why don't they have arabica beans?


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Dec 12, 2011
Thomaston, CT
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hello Jumpinjakjava, how are you? thanks for giving us the website. BTW, have you roasted and tried this coffee from
I have never tried India Arabica coffee. i will appreciate it if you can tell us the cupping notes and how it roasts. thanks.

Hello Yurong. I am fine, thanks for asking.
It has been about 6 years since I roasted some. I was curious to try it.
I think I purchased about 40 or 60lbs. back then. The fellows name was Harry, he was very friendly and professional.
They offered AA and AB grades at that time. The only difference I noticed in cupping was the AA was a little cleaner in the cup
and less green bean defects. The body was medium/well, the aroma was super, chocolate and mocha sweetness. Very little acidity.
Could not claim floral or fruit. Found the coffee to be Specialty grading. As I stated, it has been a while, so I could not attest to
current crop. It reminded me of a good Dominican Republic coffee. I had to cut down on my offerings, so I have not pursued to
purchase any Indian coffee in a while. I am sure you could get a sample of current crop green.
Maybe thy could ship some from the farm to China, rather than shipping to china from the states.