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Jan 30, 2012
[h=1]Welcome to Indonesia Specialty Coffee[/h] Indonesia Specialty Coffee, is specialized to the beans of the best flavor which are produced in special microclimates, having quality in the taste superiority with an unique composition, balanced with selected coffee beans, coming from the exotic Islands of Indonesia, world’s largest regional producer.
Indonesia Specialty Coffee, has a segment is the most rapidly growing portion of the coffee industry, especially in increasing its market in a part of the world.
We proudly introduce a new innovation and strategy in mastering the market in a part of the world in supporting the expand of his business to be market reference in retail sales.

Our Product :
1. Kopi Luwak is a rare and exotic coffee produced from the finest ARABICA beans and the WILD luwak (Asia Palm Civet) from the mountains of central Aceh in SumatraKopi Luwak is a rare and exotic coffee produced from the finest ARABICA beans and the WILD luwak (Asia Palm Civet) from the mountains of central Aceh in Sumatra.

2. Kopi Luwak Blend, The perfection is mixed in one with refreshing flavor and taste, and the combination of finest coffee beans are selected becoming the charmer of perfectness in taste.
Luwak Blend coffee contains 5% Luwak coffee and 95% the best Arabica

3. Lasuna Special, Lasuna Special is an ancient coffee heritage from the Dutch Colonialization from the tree which has been 60 years old and grown since 1945 and must be manually hand picked.

4. Mandheling Long Berry, The size of this coffee is long. Thus, it is called as longberry. Mandheling Longberry has light medium body with soft acidity.

5. Sumatra Super Peaberry, Enjoy the taste of our super peaberry, also known as the oval shape coffee bean. Carefully handpicked, these limited stock beans (only 5% of all coffee beans harvested and the screen is 15 up) have an outstanding taste, making them very rare and special.

6. ELB Green Dino, Get to know our Green Dino, carefully chosen from the finest of Arabica coffee bean from Sumatera island. We select jumbo bean coffee with screen 20 up for you to be sipped.

7. Jumbo Eighteen Plus, We introduce you to our Jumbo Eighteen Plus coffee, as a symbol for screen 18 up. It has delicate taste of almond fragrance, spicy, slightly fruity, and herbal flavor with medium body for high quality green bean.

8. Arabica Mandheling Gr 1, This 1[SUP]st[/SUP] grade coffee has a flavor, that is almost identical to the high grade types of coffee which is rich in taste with a light body wrapped and less resonant.

9. Arabica Mandheling Gr 3 Special, A coffee with affordable price but no ferment, chemical, stink, black and brown bean. In addition, the broken bean is less than 3% that can be mixed to create good taste and character of Mandheling coffee.