Greetings from Indonesia

Jan 25, 2020
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Hi Everyone,

I want to introduce myself to this site as the owner of a*green coffee bean exporting company in Indonesia. I want to introduce to you some of our coffee products from around Indonesia.

My product ranges from Sumatran Coffees including the*special Wine fermentation method coffee which gives a distinct and unique aroma*and the world famous and controversial Wild Luwak coffee, which in our case comes*with a certificate proving its authenticity form the "Gayo Coffee Protection Society" to rare Javanese coffees such as the one we sourced*from the valley*of "Kawah Ijen" , a volcano that spews out blue lava, to Papuan coffee we sourced from a microlot located within the foothills of*the highest mountain in Indonesia, Puncak Jaya.

If*there are*any roaster or coffee distributor*here*interested in sourcing our*Indonesian green coffee or looking for a long term partnership please let me know at my whatsapp number:+6282113300204