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May 9, 2008
Chicago, IL
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Hello all,

I''ve been working on a business plan & am at the industry overview section. Just was hoping to get some input and(or) some links to resources regarding some things.

Where do you feel the industry is at in its lifecycle?
ie: emerging, growing, mature, decline
-I was going to put \"growing\" based on some of the information I''ve found. Based on some SCAA reports I''ve read it seems as though the market won''t be saturated for another 7 years or so. Also taking into consideration that almost 45% of new coffee shops opened since 1991 have been Starbucks, I think there is great growth potential for small independent roasters. Additionally, most of the coffee drinkers are in the 18-24 age group. Demographically, this market is poised to explode?

Anything I''m missing here? Any other inputs?

Why are college campus areas good or bad markets to consider?

-I was thinking that campuses are good because of the students who linger & I''ve heard they tend to buy every 2 hours? Also bad because of the lingering students I would assume. There is a large concentration of the targeted demographics on a college campus right? 18-24, educated, need caffeine?
Thoughts on this?

What are some opportunities & obstacles (if any) for a new coffee house/roaster in todays market?

-This is the one where I was hoping for some \"front-line\" input. What are some of the things you think are having a big impact, things I need to take advantage of or watch for? ie... The purchase of the Clover press company by Starbucks. I''ve heard the Clover press is not a big deal, and also it can be a big benefit.

Are there any other things of this nature I should research?

I''m grateful for any help here...



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May 26, 2008
Collegeville, PA
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Hey there,

Don''t know if you got your info yet, but Alex over at has a ton of info on his website. For example, I learned that coffee is the number 3 commodity in the world right behind gold and oil. So, people don''t just want coffee - they need it.

While there are trends in any industry, the need for coffee is not going away. What people buy and how much they want to spend can vary.