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Mar 22, 2007
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Hi all
I am looking at buying my first home roaster. In asking around, I get conflicting information from people I respect regarding the Nesco...

- Some say it produces a lousy cup, baked taste, due I think to a long roast cycle. There was a poor quality review by Sweet Maria's especially for the type of coffee I am looking for (bright acidity)...but I believe that review may be a few years old now

- Others say that's not the case, at least anymore...maybe related to the Nesco company improving it since it was first marketed by Zach and Dani.

Everybody seems to agree that the innovative smoke system is a plus where you lack good ventilation, but I don't want to give up quality.

Can anybody here set the record straight? I am wondering if maybe the machine was improved which accounts for such opposite viewpoints. Thanks!


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Apr 3, 2007
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Check out the link below, it is a review from Sweet Maria''s. The Nesco, has several great features, and no it does not give a baked taste to the coffee. Like any product it has up sides and down sides. Sweet Maria''s lists them all. I have the new Nesco version, and it is quite nice. It can be chalanging if you want to go past a light Vienna roast is the roasters only real downside. However, I don''t drink coffee, roasted that dark anyway, to much loss of flavor.

Link I referenced:

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