Interesting opportunity, your input would be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 29, 2014
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There is an exciting new business opportunity I am currently considering. The city I live in has a wonderful library with a coffee shop built adjacent to the entrance (same building but separate from the actual library). Over 1,100 people visit the library daily and there are 45 full time employees. There is a new high school under construction on the same property which is slated to open September 2015. Also there are catering opportunities for clients of the library's conference rooms.

The cafe premises is approximately 530 square ft (small) with a 3 compartment sink, food prep table and sink, janitorial closet with mop sink, counters, food storage areas, counters and an off-site storage room.

The city will provide the following:
tables and chairs (interior and patio area)
trash can
reach in refrigerator/freezer
ice maker
under counter refrig.
refrigerator/dry display case

everything in like-new condition.

Basically I would be a contractor for the cafe and I would be there to start up the business (develop a menu), train and recruit staff, cook, clean, gather required permits and licenses for taxes and health departments.

In lieu of a fixed rent, I would pay a fee of 3% monthly gross revenue (fee includes water, sewer and electricity costs).

A little about myself: I am a recent college graduate (biology major) currently working full time as a sushi chef. I have been working in the food industry for 9 years. I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and I am not afraid to work hard.

Now I would like to ask your opinion:
1) Does this seem like a profitable venture?
2) What equipment should I invest in (espresso machines, panini press, etc.)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


Jun 20, 2014
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this is sounds like a dream come true for a chef! I wish you the very best. In regard to equipment I guess all depends upon your menu. Seems like, unless you have lots of cash, it would be good to start with a balanced menu and maybe a couple good pieces of coffee equipment. Depending on your knowledge of preparing coffee drinks you may choose to contract that part out so your focus can be on the food and a good barista (that supplies his own equipment) could subcontract under you and you could determine the percentage he would pay to you for the space. (Don't undercharge him as this sounds like a money maker location)
since space is limited could you contract a barista with his own cart & equipment? Just an idea. I wish you the best on that!