Interesting Topic: Anyone familiar with Yunnan (China) Coffee??


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Apr 29, 2016
Chengdu, China
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Firstly, just to be honest, I am in the coffee business, and YES~ Yunnan Coffee it is~ :oops: So, just to avoid any conflict of interest issue.

It's just that seeing all these discussions, yet very few people seems to be aware of Yunnan's coffee. So, just some brief points that might be interesting to coffee lovers.

Production Volume: very small (globally speaking) 2015 est. 150,000 MT

Variety: Not too bad, pretty much all Arabica variety, mostly Catimor (Thx! to the big coffee companies...and yes, I am being sarcastic....) but you can still find some old typica and yellow bourbon supplies, but they are more expensive and harder to come by.

Elevation: 1400 ~2100 m (approx. 4600 ~ 6900 ft), but mostly concentrated at 1400 ~ 1800 m

Taste: Medium to light in body, citrus and berry notes, pleasant acidity cutting through

Process: Mostly wet process, but local producers are starting to experience with semi-dry/dry processing with honey process.

Growing Method: Unfortunately, as the way they do things here, environmental preservation isn't the top concern. But what you'll find is small-lot independent grower are often producing with more environmentally friendly methods. You'll find very few with international certifications (such as Rainforest Alliance), but part of it is to do with the fact that small-scale independent farmers don't know what they are~

Organic: Well, interestingly, you can find quite a few with organic certifications, but rarely from international organizations. Again, more is to do with the fact that grower simply don't know what they are, and even if they do, don't have the resources to obtain these recognition. Most OC are Chinese local OCs issued by domestic organisations.

Market: Monopolistic, almost 70% ~ 80% are acquired by large coffee companies including Starbucks, Nestle, Maxwell House....probably why not so well-known as well...

Value: excellent value for money, the relatively monopolistic market meant prices are "very reasonable" for the quality. (Keep in mind, Arabica, not Robusta)

For general consumers, if you like a more "lively and fruity" coffee, Yunnan coffee is something that you should definitely try. It would also do great for commercial operator as part of a roast formula, both for adding distinct character and for cost concerns.

...I guess, from where I stand, more awareness will be nice~ So, if you guys have any questions, please feel free to add to the post and I will answer them as best as I can. :razz::razz::razz:
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Apr 29, 2014
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
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hello Dave,
I guess that you and I are in similar business, working at coffee origin countries.
I know that you live in Chengdu, right in the middle of China. but I will be visiting Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Hong kong for coffee business.
I am leaving to Shanghai tonight, arriving to Shanghai May 3 mid-day.

like what you do, ICG for Yunnan coffee small growers, I also do several programs for small farms and specially for their workers.
I would love to have a chat with you while I am in China for two weeks.
so, if you have a chance to travel, please let's meet at some place.

please check out my profiles and my previous postings.
then, you will have some idea what I do and where i stand in coffee industry.

Alex from Ensoluna