Iroast 2 roasting temps & times What works for you.


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Feb 3, 2008
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I have been roasting coffee for over 1 year now and have not really played around with the time and temp settings on my Iroast 2 for fear that I would not roast long enough or go to hot and char the beans and waste some good coffee. I did find one roasting profile on SweetMarias site and it helped me a bit... I usually use the Preset # 2 and and go with that setting for all the different beans I roast.. Hawaiian, Kenyan, south and central American Puerto Rican etc. and I usually stop or cool down the roast when I beleive the roast has reached it peak or color of the bean depending on how light or dark I want the roast. Ive read online that changing the temp and times can bring out different flavors from the beans. is this true?

I am wonder what are some good roasting times and temps for roasting beans... The Iroast2 usually does about 1 cup of beans per roast.

thank for your help with my first post on the site

We''ve had our i-Roast 2 just under two weeks and thought I''d share our findings with the class. We used Sweet Maria''s suggested settings for a starting point:

350 @ 2:00
400 @ 3:00
460 @ 4:30

We roasted just under a cup and completely obliterated the first two batches well inside five minutes. They went from cracking to burned in what seemed like seconds.

We read that our local power supply has an effect on the performance of the machine. Since we have 200 amp service in the city and run the unit on a 20 amp circuit with nothing else, we figure we need to dial the temps down.

Finally we got down to:

320 @ 2:00
360 @ 3:00
410 @ 4:30

The coffee was hitting first crack right around five minutes (several different varieties). We felt it was getting to target temps quickly and just stalling there and getting hot / smoking extremely fast so we finally added another phase. We call this curve #6:

330 @ 2:00
350 @ 2:00
3:80 @ 2:00
410 @ 3:30

We''re getting the first crack after the five-minute mark now and the temp adjustments prolong it. We''ve also managed to delay the second crack until 1:30 into the last phase which give us more time to decide how long we want to let the last one go.

Today we roasted an Organic Sumatran and stopped it with about 1:30 to go in the last phase. It''s a good nice Full City roast, stopped just after the second crack.

Finally, the internal temps taken by the machine are only 10-20 degrees lower than the programmed temps. I think depending on your power supply, your results will vary.
Thanks Dr Cherry,

I thought I was the only one. Sweet Maria''s times never worked for me either Rarely do I get into the third stage of theirs.

I''ll try your curve #6 tonight. Too bad it''s such a pain to program these.
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whats working ofor me

this works great for me especially for Africans and Papa New Guinea...

330 3 mins

350 2 mins

385 2 mins

415 2 mins

450 2 mins

I read the longer the roast with the Africans at a lower beginning temp the more flavorful....

But have to found that the same time and temps dont work that well for others so its best to keep an eye on your roast and if you think its looks done with 1 to 2 mins to go then hit the cool button....

I usually let mine go through the second crack before any oils show.

hope this helps you all