Is chemical compounds in coffee beans?


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Feb 25, 2011
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This is hari bala.I discuss the very important matter in this forum.I rise three important questions .It may be deep discussion about coffee beans..
I am a coffee drinker.I LOVE coffee.

my question is that,is there any chemical compounds mixed with coffee beans?.
Are these toxic?
Is produce any health effects in our body?

additionally I seen one bad information about paper cups made from paper cup machine yes first of all paper cups made up of wax.wax is a plastic material.It is used as a thin layer and coated on paper cups.It's melting point is very low.if you have hot-drink like coffee in these cups,the melting point decreases at the time the chemical compounds splitted in to separate things these to affect the human health.

so,finally what is the result for these two?