Is coffee with milk healthy?

Do you drink coffe with milk?


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Jul 24, 2020
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Recently, on Instagram, one of the observers asked directly - Medical, is coffee with milk healthy? And why is it sometimes so that after milk coffee, instead of being aroused, I'm just sleepy? Thought that was a great topic for today's post ...

Is coffee with milk healthy?
For years there has been a belief that coffee with milk is unhealthy for the stomach, disturbs digestive processes and causes an increase in blood cholesterol. And the fatter the milk, the greater the evil. However, the latest publications on this topic are slightly off the tone, taking the position that coffee with milk is as healthy as a regular cup of black coffee.

But let's be clear, we are not talking about instant coffee or a "three-in-one" coffee. Instant coffee, originally used as a morning coffee replacement for frontline soldiers, quickly gained its supporters around the world. However, I will repeat until you drop - if you want to drink coffee, buy beans or ground coffee. You don't have to have an expensive coffee machine - all you need is a coffee pot (about $ 30, it will last for years!) Or a piston brewer ($ 24) or a dripp (prices vary here). Instant coffee is a real last resort ... (see: How is instant coffee made?)

After a coffee with milk, I feel sleepy ...
the fact is, sometimes it is. And it depends on several factors. First of all, on what coffee you drink and how many espresso is in it. Suppose you order a large latte at a coffee shop. There are about three to four servings of espresso dissolved in a large glass of milk. So it will be a long time before the caffeine kicks us in than with espresso alone. And let's face it, such coffee is usually weaker, so you can't count on a real explosion of energy.

When I asked the above-mentioned girl what specific coffee she drank that she felt sleepy, she replied that it was a latte with pralines, sugar sprinkles and some syrup. If I had drunk something like this, I would certainly feel a huge sugar spike at first. And then increasing drowsiness… the answer in this case is obvious - too much sugar!

There is another aspect - our individual digestibility of caffeine. I admit that two cups of coffee did not make a special impression on me. However, I know people who have their hearts pounding after the first one and feel general anxiety. It's just that each organism is different and a different dose gives a greater "kick". As a rule, with a healthy body, the more you drink, the more resistant you are to caffeine.

So drink it?
Yes, of course. If someone asks you if coffee with milk is healthy, answer that it is as healthy as a cup of black coffee. Knowing life, you will get another question - is coffee even healthy? In spite of internet wisdom, I will repeat it like a mantra. Coffee is healthy on its own and when drunk in reasonable amounts, it helps us function at full capacity every day. And it certainly helps me smile in the morning;)

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I've been drinking coffee with milk for my entire life. And for decades it's only been skim milk. No sugar. I heat the milk on the stove to 140 degrees F and then froth it for 10 seconds using a manual frother. By heating it to that temperature it brings out the natural sugars in the skim milk which I find enhances my cup of french press coffee. I usually do half coffee and half milk and milk foam. Cafe au lait.
I'm sure it's more useful. It's all about the fact that coffee (like tea) 'washes out' calcium. If you drink coffee with milk, in theory the balance should be restored. But, of course, this is just me speculating.