Is this rust?!?


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Jun 4, 2004
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:shock: OK, here is the story. I got hooked on the yummy coffee drinks several years ago, and thought, hey, how 'bout buying a cappucino machine? A Krups one was on sale and I bought it. No, it is not pump driven....I just bought it because it said it made espresso, etc. ;)

Of course, at first I was excited to have this. After using it awhile and never quite getting the "knack" of making the foamed milk, I thought it was just operator error. <gg> After doing a little digging, I realized that it might not only be operator error, but also the machine.

We cannot afford a super espresso machine at this time. And, I actually don't mind coffee that is made with a plain ol' drip coffee maker (please, no groans), but I just love the foamed milk on the drinks from Paneras or Starbucks, etc. So, I brought out my Krups machine, after not using it for about 9 months, and decided to try my hand again just at foaming the milk. I reviewed a post written to me about how to do this, so I gave it a whirl.

Much to my horror!!!!, little particles came spewing out of the frothing nozzle. They looked like little bits of.....I don't even know. Sort of like when you turn on a faucet that hadn't been used in awhile? (I have been compulsive about keeping the nozzle end clean; I remove the tip and wash it out thoroughly after every use, and do the same with the little rubber thing that goes on top of the metal nozzle.) But could the stainless steel have corroded somewhere in the arm of the frothing part?

I waited until the particle spewing was done. Thought all was ok, and then steamed up my milk, and everything looked fine. I turned off the machine. Then, I thought, maybe I should blast out that steam arm one more time, since water is still remaining in the tank. Blasted it, and


more particles came out. (Oh, goodness, what was in that frothed milk I just drank????)

What is this???? What should I do with this machine. (Remember, be nice, can't afford a $$$$$ one at this time...if you say "dump it," that means I do without. ) ;)