Its All in the Cup.

Oct 27, 2010
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With so many Great Coffee"s and coffee blends out there,
we all have our Favorites.

But the Cup it is Served in, does have a bit to do with how much i
enjoy the total Product.
Many People enjoy a nice glass mug, or ceramic Cup, but it is not practicle for the
to go Customer. :)

Thank God, that the Old style foam cups are on the way out, as most would leak,
or have seepage for lack of a better word, leaking through.

Glass & ceramic seem to bring out the truest flavor, without adding the cardboard taste
that some deliver.

What seems to be the Best Quality Cup, and Material for the Buck ?
And who sells the best Cup for the Retail Market?


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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
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I like this cup...pretty cool looking...


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Great question and one that is highly debated on forums from time-to-time. It can be difficult to find ONE hot cup that covers all the bases. Sad thing is most people don't really research these things before jumping the gun on the subject... such as the F word... foam, there I said it. So many people think foam is the one product that will finish off the planet and that is far from the truth. Hot paper cups cause just as much destruction in their own way whether people choose to believe this or not.

Then treehuggers bring up recycling all those paper cups/sleeves... yeah it's a good thing IF way more people would do it as many don't. Then you have contamination issues, cost, etc. that makes it difficult to do properly.

I've researched what goes into different cup types. Some neat things are being done to be more Earth friendly, but these things usually come with a price. For example, the foam cup/lid I choose to use costs us around .07. If I chose to go the cup/sleeve route I'd be paying .15-.18 per cup/lid/sleeve. The more advanced cups such as the Insulair and DuoShield cost around .28 per cup/lid. These prices are what I found to be typical online and DO NOT include shipping.

Most people say it's just a cup that will be thrown away, but to me it matters.I need a cup/lid that will hold up well under our drink preparation to being handed to the customer. We must have a cup/lid that minimizes the chance of burns, messes to clean up, etc. for the customer. It is simply a vessel for a drink, but it needs to be durable and well insulated.

I really like the type of cups in that pic and wish more customers would go that route. I encourage them to do so as it saves us a cup/lid and saves them .25 for their conscious effort. Later!