Jamaican wild blue mountain coffee


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Feb 22, 2005
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my brothers and i have been convincing the others in our area st. thomas in the blue mtns, the profitability of picking and processing the coffee which is growing wild in the jungle on the mountains we currently have amassed 10,000 # green beans any body know how many bags fit in a 20' container?thanks for any help
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container info

thanks for the help man, we don't get to kingston to see a container i told the brothers there wasnt enough to bother getting it off the island
Why not market the beans directly? You have Internet access. Some of the estates down there process and ship coffee directly. Same with some fincas in Costa Rica. Can you box and ship the coffee in small quantities?

Hello fishouston,
I am interested in your "wild coffee" idea. What are you closer to - Mavis Bank, or Moyahll? Do you know O'Neil Blake? Or maybe you know Keeble Munn, Norman Grant, or even my business partner Errol Gillespie?
Errol has a 12 acre farm in the Blue Mtns. and we are looking to bring the next crop into the US. Perhaps we could share a container? There are two issues you may need to resolve: First you must have the Coffee Board approve the coffee for export (unless you are not marketing it as authentic JBMC), and second you will need a licensed JBMC importer in the US. It is not easy to import authentic JBMC into the US, but that ensures the quality and authenticity. As you probably know, there is a big problem with fraudulent JBMC. It is worth the extra steps to maintain quality.

Send me an email if you would like to speak more on this.
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