javaCOOL-CRC Coffee Bean Cooler & Dechaffer


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Nov 30, 2006
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Hello. I want to let you know of a new product I have that will compliment the Coffee Roaster you may have.

It is called the "javaCOOL-CRC Coffee Bean Cooler & De-Chaffer". The unit rapidly cools down freshly roasted Coffee Beans and removes the chaff at the same time (all in about a minutes time!)

It is available in my store at: ... tem_id=139 for the 1 pound version, or at ... tem_id=141 for the 5 pound version.

I decided to manufacture the javaCOOL-CRC after many of my customers expressed an interest. The cost of it is minimal, and it is well built by me.

Please visit the following URLs now to see more details, and to place your order: ... tem_id=139
1 pound version ... tem_id=141
5 pound version