javaPRO-CRC ULTRA release date


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Nov 30, 2006
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For those interested, the javaPRO-CRC ULTRA 5 pound Coffee Bean Roaster release date will be June 15, 2007. Specs follow:

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Roaster housing is constructed entirely of 20 gauge Stainless Steel. Double-walled construction with insulating material between walls. Ventilation unit incorporated onto outside of unit for roasting smoke removal. 6 inch diameter by 4 foot in length expandable to 8 foot ventilation tube also included with purchase.

Drum measures 7" in diameter by 12" in length, and holds up to 5 pounds of unroasted coffee beans. Drum is constructed of 20 gauge perforated stainless steel for cage, and 16 gauge non-perforated aluminum sheet for end caps. Interior finwork of drum is of aluminum construction. Drum has wide door that opens and closes which runs length-wise on drum to allow filling and dumping of beans. (Drum does not detach from roaster). Drum spins at 60 rpm. Pan included to dump roasted beans in.

Roaster has bean cooling down process that uses a special high CFM ventilation fan incorporated into smoke exhaust unit to quickly evacuate heat from unit and beans.

Also incorporated into the javaPRO-CRC ULTRA is our proprietary Patent Pending "Sonic Crackometer", a device that amplifies the important "crack" sounds that coffee beans make as they roast. Coffee artisans the world over know that these unique sounds are the leading indicator of a roasts progress toward the desired result.

Roaster includes Digital PID thermostat control system with dual current temp/setting temp readout for roaster heating element and environment, hi-low switch for ventilation unit, switch for roaster drum motor, and master on/off switch. Entire roaster uses approximately 2200 watts 110 volts AC 60 hertz. Heating element uses 2000 of those watts. Grounded 3 wire construction uses typical 20 AMP 3 hole outlet for use with 3 foot long 20 AMP 3 prong cord that is attached to roaster.

Roaster measures 18" high by 11.5" in depth by 20" in width. Add on another 8" in depth for ventilation unit housing. Roaster has latched front door that opens right to left. Door has 3 1/2" diameter port hole (sealed with high temp ceramic glass) to allow you to see inside of roaster when door is closed. When roaster is in operation interior is lighted. Exterior of roaster is entirely constructed of 20 gauge stainless steel, spray painted in high-temp flat black.

5 pounds of unroasted coffee beans also included in purchase. javaPRO-CRC ULTRA model operating manual also included. ... tem_id=136