Jura E8 making weird noises?


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Nov 14, 2021
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Hello coffee forums! Unsure if this is the right place but doesn't look like Jura has its own forums.

I have a Jura E8 that's only 3-4 months old. It has started making odd noises right before and after brewing... I describe them as "Stressful motor sounds". The bean grinding seems fine as does the brewing - the noise is just before and after a brew. I've taken a video and am interested if anyone has experience with these machines and can tell me if there is something wrong:

The noise in question is right around 7-9 seconds (after the bean grind is complete) and again around 53 seconds.

Note: the machine has been maintained impeccably per the schedule and immediately upon receiving any alerts. Beans used are Illy Espresso.

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