Jura Impressa F7 PCB issues


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Apr 11, 2021
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Hi All

I recently began a refurb on an Impress F7 which was giving the Error 8 message (Brew group position error). After refurbing the brew group, the error continued even though mechanically there was nothing wrong. I then started looing at the PCB and noticed some oxidation in the lower right corner (below the 2 relays). Investigation showed that this is a known defect in this model of Jura in which condensation pools in the electrical box. I removed the pcb and in fact the center pin on the bottom relay had rusted off and after removing the relay the was some further copper deterioration to the component side of the board where the center pin came through. I replaced the bottom relay making sure electrically the center pin of the relay had connection to the positive pin of the brew group motor on the board. Now when i power the machine the brew group motor fires and drives it all the way down to the bottom cycle position and eventually gives the error 8 message. I by know means am a board expert but have been working remotely with my brother who is :) and we can't seem to find a good drawing of this machine's electrical schematics. Does anyone know a good source or maybe been though a similar issue with a Jura pcb repair?

Thanks for your help!


I had the same problem. Thanks to you I found the same fault and repaired my PCB by adding a strap wire from the relays center pin to a component on the PCB where it should have had connection. I found a schematic of another Jura on this link https://elektrotanya.com/jura_elementi_plati_e_serie.pdf/download.html
The principle is the same of that machine. I guess you have problems with the second relay which switches the polarity to the motor to make it return the brew group to initial position..