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Feb 8, 2005
South Africa
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me thinks it will only depend if you like the shape or the cup/mug.

my father is full of crap when drinking coffee or tea and he gets very upset when ppl give him any hot drinks in a clear glass or see through cup.

maybe the shape may affect the temperature, thus changing the taste but overall, i think not.

weird but valid q... :roll:


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Jul 28, 2004
Qld, Australia
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Actually it is a very interesting question.

We have tried many cups and some of the things that can alter the perception of the taste are:

Glass Vs Ceramic cup. Generally to do with the thickness of the surface your lips are touching.

Thickness of ceramic cup. A thick rimmed cup will seperate the creamy latte milk and will "taste" thinner.

Tulip Vs Bowl cup. Interesting, cant figure out why but I prefer the tulip cup. Might have to do with the stablility of the coffee as you tip the cup.

Also the weight of the cup can make it feel "right".

Coffee, being such a sensual drink is hugely altered by the cups it is drunk out of.