Keurig Single Cup Brewing System B-100 Info


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Oct 25, 2004
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I am consisering getting a Keurig Single Cup Brewing System B-100 for my husband for Christmas (home use).

I have a question, does this machine only take the pre-filled single use coffee cups or can you use regular tea bags or coffee?

Does anyone else use this machine for home use? Is it worth the money for the machine and the coffees?

Thanks for your advise!

The Keurig system uses a proprietary cup. Nothing else will work in it. There are a few coffee roasters who also offer tea in k-cups. I've heard rumors of hot chocolate, but I'll believe it when I see it.

There generally are specials around the holidays. I'd recommend waiting for the deals. With the advent of the other single cup systems (Senseo, etc.) there is bound to be some kind of deal in the Thanksgiving-Christmas window just to stay in line with the competition.

Keurig tastes better than the other single cup machines (I've tried Senseo, Home Cafe, Melitta One, Nespresso, and dang, I forget the name, but it uses little plastic bags instead of cups).

The cost per cup seems a bit steep to me - but it sure as heck beats the $1.27 for a small at Dunkin Donuts or $1.70 for a "tall" (small) at Starbucks. The product selection for Keurig is much larger - flavored coffees, darks, light roasts, decafs, tea. Selection is a huge selling point.

I think it makes most sense when you have more than one coffee drinking and you don't like the same stuff and/or drink coffee at different times. That way nobody has to deal with the stale, burned coffee that has been sitting in the pot on a burner for an hour.

I have a high end espresso machine at home so I don't have a Keurig machine. But I have given 4 of the B-100 machines away starting at Christmas last year. They are all still in use.