Single Cup Keurig question


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Dec 6, 2023
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We have had a K10 or K15 Keurig for years. Loved it. You pour in your cup of water and it uses that amount of water to brew your cup of coffee. Nothing left behind. It has reached the point where often it will stop after brewing at half cup. Worse with some pod types.
Just purchased a new K-Supreme plus. Nice looking, has temp and strong settings and uses the four nozzle design. I poured in my 12 oz cup of water and it continued to flash "add water". It will only start if the reservoir is half full. I do not want to add 32 oz of water to make one cup. I do not want to leave water in the machine. Recommendations for a machine that does a single cup of water, preferably with the four nozzle design? Thank You


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Jan 27, 2022
Upstate New York
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I agree. For just one person, a simple keurig machine where you pour the water in each time is better. No reservoir. Also I can control the amount of water for each cup. 6 or so oz. of water per K-cup is about right. Want to fill a larger mug? I just make two separate cups.