Kiki's Coffee House in FL


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Dec 27, 2004
Hi! I Was wondering if anyone has been to Kiki's in Vero Beach Florida....I haven't been down there since before the hurricane, so I don't know if it is ok to this day, but I wanted to say that its an AWESOME place! I have my shirt from there and I miss it so much...They have excellent baked goods, homemade macaroons, and FABULOUS coffee and espresso beverages...anyone ever been there? :D


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Jan 2, 2005
Hello, This is Tad and Karla, owners of KiKi's. Thanks so much for asking about KiKi's. Unfortunately KiKi's was "run over" by the two hurricanes that came through Vero. KiKi's is no longer. And it makes us very sad. Even with the insurance proceeds for the contents, it costs a lot more to put it back in operation, which we can not afford to do. In addition, the owner of the building opted not to repair the building, and in turn, terminated the leases. Last we heard they were going to level it and put up condos. Never say never, we may open up again in the future. We are going to do some breakfast and lunch catering, as well as roasting beans. If you'd like, email us at [email protected]. Happy New Year! :grin: