Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Coffee from Maui

The Coffee Store, a small-batch roaster of fine 100% Kona coffee and Hawaiian coffee located on the island of Maui, has new products to announce. The store now carries three varieties of the revered, chocolaty Ka'anapali Moka. It is available in three bean sizes -- 11, 14 and 16. We also have a limited supply of the 2009 crop of Ka'anapali Moka Peaberry, one of Hawaii's rarest and most perfect coffees.

The Coffee Store also sells green, unroasted coffee. If you're looking to purchase coffee to roast on your own, try our green Kona Peaberry and Kona Fancy. We also have all four new Ka'anapali coffees available green. Bulk and wholesale discounts are available. Worldwide shipping can easily be arranged -- we have customers all over North America, Europe and Japan.

For more information, please visit http://www.mauicoffee.com. Thank you.
Yes, it's definitely a favorite with our customers. It's actually amazing some of the stuff they've done with the farm, especially with this year's crop. I'm sure you know that the Ka'anapali Moka is traditionally a very small bean, almost split-pea like. But for the past six years, they've worked with the the University of Hawaii to develop a larger bean while keeping the same flavor profile, and it's a big success story. The larger bean is available for the first time with the 2009 crop, and it's definitely been a hit!

PS I am working on getting an answer to the question you sent me.