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Aug 2, 2010
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Aloha All,

Posting here as we are looking for possible expansion of our 100% Hawaiian Coffee line to the west coast.

Our Story:

For over a decade, Mark Furr and Tina Ferrato operated a café and retail roasting operation in a century-old plantation house in the town of Hanalei on Kauai. We specialized in roasting & serving 100% Hawaiian coffees, and over the years, we served thousands of visitors to the Garden Isle. Eventually, the roasting business outgrew the plantation house, and we sold the café so that we could focus on our primary interest: roasting Hawaiian coffee. After selling the café, we acquired the Kauai Gourmet Roasters brand, and under the KGR label, we work with Hawaiian farmers to provide 100% Hawaiian coffee and Hawaiian blends at affordable prices.

Currently, under the Kauai Gourmet Roaster's brand, we have nearly 100% coverage on our island; our coffee is available in both grocery stores and the big boxes: Safeway, Foodland, Kmart, Walmart, CVS/Longs, Times Markets and many others. Rather than compete with so many low-grade blends in Honolulu, we would like to find distribution on the west coast. We offer 100% Hawaiian coffee at reasonable prices with the KGR brand, and we think that it could be a great addition in the right environments on the west coast. You may find additional information on KGR at Kauaigourmetroasters.com.

We have also retained our specialty brand from our Hanalei Cafe, Hanalei Coffee Roasters, and under this brand, we specialize in the higher-end Hawaiian coffees: 100% Kona Fancy, 100% Ka'u, 100% Maui Mokka, and many other Hawaiian coffees. Over the past several years, we have roasted as many, or more, different Hawaiian coffees than just about anyone in the state.

If anyone has interest in distributing or carrying our 100% Hawaiian Coffee, please send me a line in standard email format:

Mark Furr
The Hanalei Tea Company Inc
Kauai Gourmet Roasters
Hanalei Coffee Roasters &
Hanalei Publishing

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