KopiLuwakPods.com launches

I will be very glad once this fad has finally run out of steam...I think we are almost there thank god!!! These days it is pretty well recognised that 1/. most Kopi Luwak sold out there is not the real thing 2/. There is WAY more than "500kg produced per year...making it the rarest coffee in the world" 3/. If (in fact) it is easier to find than the marketers say...why the crazy price!!?? Villagers throughout Indonesia will sell it to you for about US$2.50/kg green (brown).... only the insane interest of buyers in the US keeps the price so high!

Ok, that aside, if you were going to pay $100+ for a coffee...why, WHY would you buy it in pod form, where there is no way it can be anywhere near fresh, unless it is roasted, ground an pod-erised on demand??