Krups Coffee/Latte machine Model 882


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Jun 26, 2008
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This is my second attempt to post a message. I hope it works.

I just acquired a Model 882 KRUPS coffee and latte machine.
I have no instructions with it and I have never used one of these machines before this. I was unable to find instructions for this model.

It has on the dial a:
coffee cup icon
(0) circle
squiggley line
3 vertical sticks icon

There is a left/right switch with an (l) and an (0).
There is a light with a squiggley next to it.
and a light with nothing next to it.

There are 3 different coffee holders included.

I made my first cup of coffee using the 1 cup measure and 1 tsp of coffee.
I selected the coffee cup icon and turned the dial to (0). The water drained thru and was cold.

On the 2nd try, I dialed (0) first and let it set a few minutes.
Then I turned the switch to (0) and both lights came on, the water drained through and the coffee was hot and very weak.

I don''t know how to operate the dial at Squizzly or vertical 3 sticks. I know they operate the peculiar tubing sticking out the lower machine area with steam to make milk frothy somehow. I''m sure you don''t put milk into that water dispenser.

Would someone with a Model 882 simply list the procedure for making
1. A cup of hot coffee.
2. A cup of latte
3. Or whatever else I can make with the machine.

I tried to locate an instruction booklet on the web, but it''s not available.

This morning I tried again, doubling the coffee grinds, added the water, dialed the (0),
Waited, and the switch (0) light went out. I turned the dial to the Coffee cup icon and the coffee came out, but not as hot as yesterday.

I must say, even not knowing quite what to do, the resulting coffee was the most delicious, smooth and flavorful coffee. The coffee grinds I used was already ground coffee that has been in my freezer for 6 years, thawed and refrozen, and should taste awful. It was delicious.

I was going to sell the machine for $30,
but the coffee is so flavorful I don''t believe I can.

Can anyone help me with the correct usage of this Krups. Thanks


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Aug 15, 2005
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Well it'd be really helpful if you could post a pic of it. I could find nothing on it, but it sounds like a steam machine to me. I can't really help much unless I can find out more. Then I'd be glad to offer more. Later!

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