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Aug 20, 2006
I have a krups xp4030 espresso/latte machine. The steam function doesnt come out the steam nozzle, steam just comes out where the espresso actually would, I followed the directions exactly, whats wrong?

I wait for everything to warm up, I have enough water, Is it because I have the filter handle thing on?

Sorry if i'm hard to understand.


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Jan 27, 2007
First, make sure you have water in the tank.
Start with the switch at the 12 O''clock position (the O symbol) If you turn one click to the right (the cup symbol) you will dispense espresso. From the 12 O''clock position (O symbol) turn one click to the left (the heat symbol) and wait for the amber light to turn off ( the amber light is to the right of the larger blue on/off light) when the amber light turns off, place your container with milk under the frothing attachment and submerge about 1/4\" from the bottom of the container (do not bottom out the frothing attachment!). Now turn the switch another click to the left (the steam symbol), you should have plenty of steam to froth your milk.