La Cimbali M2 Grinder Problem


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Mar 6, 2008
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First A Thanks to CCAFE for your help so far.

Yesterday I removed the grinder from the M2 machine I have been posting about. Like Ccafe said, easy, 10 minutes it was out.
I took the grinder apart and found there was a small snap ring that had come out of its groove. This let the large gear move up into the gearbox housing and bind.

1) I am now concern what might have caused this, and that it could happen again. The snap ring looks good, as does the groove. Any ideals on the cause?

2) Secondly the large gear is tight to the shaft, (not sure what holds it there), and there are two cracks in the gear, from the shaft outward, about 1/2 inch. Should I be worried about this, and maybe replace the gear?

3) Is there any place I can buy a gear?



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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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The sucky part is that you can't replace any parts within the motor. The idea behind this is it is supposed to be cheaper just to replace the motor then try to repair it. In theory this would work if you are located in Europe. Since your not, all the parts have to be imported and that jacks up the price considerably. You going to have to shell out about $200 for a new motor.