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Feb 4, 2007
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I''m thinking of buying a new espresso grinder for my coffee shop. It is a little pricy but if it is worthy it, why not. I''m talking about La Marzoco Swift ... swift.aspx . Has anyone used it or know more information about this specific model.I also heard that the coffee beans oil kills it and the calibration is very difficult. I''ll be very thankful if someone can provide me more info before I spend 4G for a grinder.
It only work with Marzocco portafilters, so if you don't have a LM, don't even bother. I tried one for a week and I found it very consistent. Grind adjustment is pretty easy, routine maintenance seems relatively easy. If you have a high volume shop or your baristi dose and tamp differently then it would be welcome addition.
Swift Grinder

I think they are good for restaurants because the espresso drinks one encouters there is usually very bad and knowlege of the proper grinding protocols and tamping techniques are usually nonexistant. That being said, I dont think that they are the way to go for a specialty coffee shop. The Swift grinder does address some of the consistancy problems mentioned above, but it can only do so much. Its better than a non trained dishwasher or waiter, but a well trained barista is far superior to the Swift grinder. So unless you are having a problem training and keeping your baristas, you'll be better off without the Swift grinder.
And by the way The Swift grinder will work with other espresso machines. I paired it with a Fiorenzato. Should work with most E61's. You have to change the baskets though, even on a Marzocco, but the Swift comes with those.

I purchased a Swift for my shop and I love shop has been in the same location for six years so the quality of my baristas speaks for itself, having said that, we are now able to make the morning rush go a little faster with the new first everyone frowned at the intrusion, but as time has gone by the technology is appreciated more and more...if your mind is already made up go for it! you will not regret the money spent. :shock: