LA Times News of $600 /lbs


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Aug 11, 2004
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The article is about Kopi Luwak. ... &cset=true

Favorite part of the article:

"About 42% of all the kopi luwaks that are presently on sale are either adulterated or complete fakes, unfortunately,"

I wonder how many people out there have been scammed in to buying regular coffee for hundreds of dollars. Oh well this is one delicacy that I don't believe I will ever try. Not that I find it disgusting, because I don't. But because how do you know for $600 your actually really getting the real deal?


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Oct 18, 2006
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CCafe said:
Oh well this is one delicacy that I don't believe I will ever try. Not that I find it disgusting, because I don't. But because how do you know for $600 your actually really getting the real deal?

At that price, I am willing to personally eat the coffee cherries in extremely large quantities and make my own Kopi Luwak....I expect it's already been tried though. :shock: :lol:
CCafe- agreed- just look at this link: ... roductId=8 .

Good deal eh? US37.95 for 185gm Kopi Luwak!!! Hell no- this product is called "Kopi Luwak" as it is the companies Brand name, nothing to do with Kopi Luwak apart from that. It sells here in Indonesia for around $0.80 for the pack in all good (or not so good) supermarkets. It does rile me to see this and to read articles such as the one linked by Pak S. I do not know where all these quotes about "rarest coffee in the world" and "only 500kg a year" come from. Living not 3 km from a village that produces around 30kg of Luwak a year, I can not see how this village alone would produce 8% of Indonesia's entire luwak coffee output then literally force me to buy it for $5/kg! I roast most of what I get as a gift for visiting overseas roasters, green buyers, school groups, church and mosque visitors, scientists, biologists, friends, regular cafe and wholesale clients and my parents (who I believe give it to the neighours they always argue with).

I just think that either somewhere accross the ocean there are some sharp marketers or, more likely, the cunning oppertaors are sitting in glass towers in smoggy downtown Jakarta...buying Luwak for $3/kg and flogging it off to the public overseas for 100-200x that price.

However I guess if anyone is not really convinced in the overpriced, over marketed hype of Luwak, they can contact me and I will do a special deal of several hundred $$$$ for a kg or two :wink: :p

PS ; Topher mate I totally forgot!!!! PS Me the details again. Cheers


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May 13, 2006
Hi Mr Alun..

Thanks sir..., since Januari 2007, I was work in Jakarta. So many people selling the luwak coffee but I think..thats not really genuine.
I lost of my mine...why people do that just for easy get big money...mosthly they mix and the real bean of luwak coffee abt 10 - 15% only..., for that I try to inform to all coffee's lover to get the genuine and special coffee..even that not much produced a years.
I just on hope the luwak coffee is real and not just legend or become myts story.

Thanks again for all.. :grin: :grin: :wink:
Hello Susanto, I am being interviewed by Reuters tomorrow about Kopi Luwak, so will hopefully help put the myth part to rest. I agree outside of Indo it is pot luck whther you are drinking the real thing or not. Here we are lucky to be able to get KL direct from the horses mouth (or Luwaks bum), however by the time it gets to an exporter I think your experience proves it can be diluted. Hopefully the actions of quite a few will not put those such as yourself out of business...although I think enethical behaviour will ultimatley reduce the value of the product.


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May 13, 2006
Thx Mr Alun..

I hope the mosthly coffee's lover can see the truth now. A few days ago LA Times come to myplace and see and try directly about my KL. And they can made the story for that.. and averybody can read on. I just inform to all coffee's lover...try the genuine KL then give the opinion for...

I did recomd if you got KL from some trader/ PARADISE COFFEE on site...,they only bought KL from me abt 3 kg and using my Luwak Picture for sell many kg of KL..., i dont know PARADISE's beans come from.
I dont know why PARADISE do like that... as long as I know..KL is natural and very unpredictble stock...

Thaks all :grin: