Large Antique Coffee Urn - Nickel Plated over Copper? Care Questions


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Nov 22, 2015
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Hello CoffeeForums,

First time posting. I know it's more of an antique and metal care question, but it's a fantastic piece of coffee history so I decided to come here and I like I'm in the right subforum.

I'm curious if anyone has knowledge of care for an old antique The John Van Range Co. Coffee Urn. It's a 6 Gallon Nickel Plated over Copper/Brass coffee urn and I need to learn about proper cleaning of the inside as well as a clean/shine for the nickel plating.

Bonus points for anyone who knows more about the urn itself or can point me in the direction of a collector's forum too.

It's going to be a center piece for an upcoming store. I also love it myself so I posted it on the Collector's Weekly Show and Tell site. I can't post pictures yet so you can find it there.