Large Quantity of Espresso and College Coffee Club


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Oct 23, 2023
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Hi everyone,

I am part of a large university Coffee Club and we wanted to start doing espresso tastings. We as a club are struggling to find a good method to do huge batches of espresso consistently and with a low budget. Do y'all have any suggestions for group espresso tastings of ~20 people? Should we just pull single shots of 2 and keep a consistent flow being made or is there a good way that we can experience it all at the same time?

To summarize we are figuring out how to:
1. Taste the espresso as a group
2. Keep it consistent between shots (We are changing to various types of beans)
3. We currently do not have a machine and ideally it would be portable (Currently no defined club room)
4. Budget $5k

We are looking to
1. Buy a machine and grinder
2. Figure out how to logistically taste espresso as a group