Latte art bringing in the sales?


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Jan 22, 2005
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For those of you who have a team that consistantly does latte art do you believe that it has helped your sales significantly? Do you use ceramics mugs or do you use paper cups? If you show the designs every time to the customer?
i really couldn't answer that seeing as how i'm a beginner to this "latte art" and i work for you. haha 8) but in my opinion, i think it would. as long as we get it down and bust it out each and every time. it would probably attract a very diverse crowd. i think the making of it is far more interesting than the end product :grin:
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We still have a far way to go. I think I need to watch that video again since all I can bust out are hearts. Have a nice day off tomorrow :p Guess who now owns a new home? We signed tonight.

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