Latte Logo Art?


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Oct 14, 2009
Boulder, CO
Is there anyway to do a logo or does all the art have to be swirly-based? These look so cool and I'd love to develop a method for our coffee shop to do lattes w/ the logo.
Tradditional latte art is made using soft, velvety steamed milk... however there are also tonnes of designs using less traditional methods such as putting chocolate ontop of a plain cappuccino cap and then using tools to stensil shapes. There was an exhibit at Trieste 2006 where the barista could make just about anything on top of a coffee... inspiring stuff


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Sep 2, 2018
I used to frequent Costa Coffee when I lived in Shanghai and they generally used the stencil and cocoa powder method for their logo. You can google images of it. It turned out pretty well. There is also at least one freelancer on that will laser-cut the coffee stencil for you. I haven't tried it, but at $5 it seems like a low risk to test it out. Good luck

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